About Us


In the midst of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic lockdown, we decided that it was time to begin a new venture and so MOTIV8 TEES was born.

We wanted to create a range of motivational, inspirational and Fun T Shirt designs that we hope reflects our shared beliefs and values. Of course, we soon extended our offering to include mugs, facemasks and other goodies.

We believe that you’ve already got ‘The Right Stuff’ and, simply put, we want you to be motivated, explore your infinite potential, and have the right stuff to do it with.

Our goal is simply to create a great range of clothing and accessories, including messages that resonate with your thoughts & dreams, and help inspire you to achieve your ambitions.

Let 2023 be the year that you develop your personal 2023 vision for your own future success!

Of course, it’s not all serious stuff at MOTIV8 TEES. We like to have some fun as well, and we’re sure you do too. That’s why we always like to chuck a few humorous items into the mix! We hope you’ll have as much fun with our designs as we had in creating them.

If you visit our site regularly, you’ll see that we’re always adding more thought provoking and cool designs.

What we stand for includes our 8 Guiding Core Beliefs & Values:

  1. We believe in the power of your infinite potential
  2. We believe in the value of strong motivational messages
  3. We believe that you will succeed in achieving your goals
  4. We believe that fortune favors the bold
  5. We believe in the inspiration of design
  6. We believe in the value of high quality products
  7. We believe in providing value for money
  8. We believe in transparency and fairness

Our Brand:

Like a rotated number 8, our logo design features the infinity symbol, which is also inspired by the concept of a Mobius Strip. This icon represents our acknowledgement of your Infinite Potential, as the first of our core beliefs & values. We hope that you’ll wear our T-shirts with pride, including the ones that display our brand.

We like to get around:

When there isn’t a pandemic to stop us, we love to travel and explore ‘new’ places and cultures. Very often we travel to areas that are a bit off the beaten track. At the beginning of 2020 we journeyed to Ukraine. We visited Chernobyl, the abandoned city of Pripyat and the mysterious Duga Radar Station. We dined on Chicken Kiev in a restaurant named Chicken Kiev, in the city of Kiev (Kyiv). Like you, we have a sense of adventure and our Ukraine trip has inspired a couple of our T-shirt designs.

Thanks for your interest and for visiting us:

So, the real purpose of all this blurb is to help enhance something called the rhythm. Or the Algorithm. Or the SEO. Or something like that. Anyway, we still really appreciate you taking the time to read through everything.

And now, could you consider buying a couple of T-shirts, or a mug? Or nothing at all, of course, if you don’t see anything you love. It’s entirely up to you, but thanks again for at least visiting us. We just love to have visitors.