Make 2024 your best year.

Go to new places,

Explore your infinite potential.

anything can happen!


Be Motivated, Explore Your Infinite Potential, & Have the Right Stuff to do it With.

Be motivated; be inspired by your own Infinite Potential. The sky’s the limit and you can achieve anything if you have a clear goal and belief in yourself.

At MOTIV8 TEES, our goal is only to create a great range of clothing and accessories, including messages that resonate with your thoughts & dreams, and help motivate you to achieve your ambitions.

You’ve already got the Right Stuff to succeed, but our right stuff provides you with the gear to help keep you motivated and make your statement to the world.

Of course, it’s not all serious stuff. We like to have some fun as well, and we’re sure you do too. That’s why we always like to chuck a few fun items into the mix!

We hope that you’ll visit us often, as we’ll keep adding more and more great T-shirt and accessory designs to our website. But, meanwhile, don’t be shy. Go ahead and order a couple of high quality Tees, or a stylish mug for your tea (OK, you can use it for coffee or anything else that takes your fancy) and get motivated to live your dreams.

We believe in you, and we hope that you will too.


Ben J, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

"It's really cool and feels comfortable. The material feels really good and the fit is exactly what I like. The print feels good quality as well."

Joe P, London, United Kingdom

"Fantastic website and service, everything arrived exactly on time. Great t-shirts too!"

"Big D", Dartmouth, United Kingdom

“I loved this design because of its subtle humour. The sign in the photo says “Please do not walk on the lawn” but there’s not a blade of grass anywhere! The T-shirt is high quality and well printed."

Harrison U, East Sussex, United Kingdom

"Great quality, good sized mug, fast and easy to use website with quick shipping!"

Henry V, Bristol, United Kingdom

"The t-shirt quality is top drawer and fits very well.  Delivery was prompt. All in all, great service."

Liam F, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

"Awesome quality shirt with an awesome print, very cool to have some calisthenics clothing!"

Ollie W, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

"Love the design, fits perfectly. I definitely need more of these."

Dan F, Derby, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the t-shirt, it's great quality and the print of the design is top notch."

Björn E, Iceland

"I love all the designs on this website and the t-shirts are so comfortable. They have so much stuff that I like and they keep adding more!"

Jake C, Stuttgart, Germany

"I've always been a big fan of nautical clothing styles, and this has just hit the spot, if I could picture a perfectly designed t-shirt, this is what it would look like! The delivery time was amazing, the t-shirt is very true to size and the quality is great."

Louis O, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

"Great looking T-shirt with a cool, original design. Fits well and is very comfortable to wear."