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The Honourable East India Company T Shirt:

You’re ready for some swashbuckling adventure and the world is your oyster. Nothing’s going to stand in the way of your success, as you build your own great empire! Now all you need is the right T Shirt to do it in…

This popular Tee captures the essence of the iconic East India Company, conveying a strong sense of history and drama. The design features a very appealing and eye-catching East India Company symbol, as well as the company’s genuine flag.

The East India Company flag is emblazoned on the left sleeve, and is the version of the flag used by the company from 1707 - 1801. It incorporates the flag of Great Britain, of that period, in its Canton.

The first flag of the United States, the Grand Union Flag of 1775, is widely accepted as having been inspired by the East India Company flag, and it does share the same design. In fact, Benjamin Franklin endorsed the adoption of the company’s flag, as the flag of the United States, in one of his speeches.

The Honourable East India Company (HEIC) was incorporated by royal charter on December 31, 1600. At its height, the company had grown to become the most powerful corporation that the world had ever known. As well as its great fleet of ships, the HEIC had a huge army and ruled nearly the entire Indian sub continent. Incredibly, the company was responsible for almost half of Britain’s trade.

The British government passed the Government of India Act in 1858, which nationalized the East India Company and took over all of their possessions within India, where they would be considered legally a part of the British Raj. East India Company rule in India thus ended, and the HEIC ceased to exist as a legal entity in 1873.

The honourable range of approved colours for this magnificent T Shirt includes Black, White, Oxblood, Navy Blue and Soft Cream.

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