Rise Like a Phoenix

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Rise Like A Phoenix T Shirt:
With this eye-catching T Shirt you can express your sense of continuous renewal, personal growth and infinite potential, while inspiring those around you to do likewise.
The image of the phoenix is printed in its full size on the back of the T Shirt. The flame-like colours, used in the design, blend from a yellow/orange at the bottom to a deep red at the top. The bird carries a gold coloured infinity symbol, which is also our Mobius Strip, in its talons. The words ‘rise like a Phoenix’ are perfectly framed between the wings of the Phoenix, and above its head. The distinctive typeface, used for the lettering, helps to create the sense of rising flames. The wording is printed with the same fiery colour blend used in the rest of the design. The complete design is repeated on the front left breast of the T Shirt, at a smaller size, which looks very stylish.
The mythical phoenix bird symbolizes immortality and rebirth. It is particularly associated with Egyptian, Greek and Arabian mythologies.
The Egyptian phoenix was depicted as being the size of an eagle, with dazzling scarlet and gold plumage.
According to the legends, only one phoenix could exist at any given time, and it could live for at least 500 years. When it sensed that its end was near, the bird would build itself a nest of aromatic branches and set it on fire. The phoenix would then be consumed in the flames of its own fire, and a new phoenix would arise from the embers and ashes of the old. This new phoenix embalmed the ashes of its father in an egg of myrrh, which it carried in flight to Heliopolis – the City of the Sun – in Egypt. The bird would finally deposit the egg on the altar in the temple of the Egyptian god of the sun.
As well as being likened to an eagle, the phoenix has also been depicted as a heron or a peacock.
The legendary colours for this brilliant T Shirt include Black, White and Athletic Heather.

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